Psychic Services

Spiritual Psychic Reading

A Spiritual Psychic Reading will tell you about your past, the present and future. You will learn about your past lives and how they influence you today. Your angels will speak to Kim and give you messages that they need you to know and understand. Also you will learn about major events coming up so you can be prepared for what is in the the future for you.

Soul Purpose Reading

A Soul Purpose Reading is for anyone who is questioning the path they are on and have asked themselves, “Why am I here?” or “Am I doing what I am meant to do?”. This reading will tell you what your life purpose is and how to achieve it.

Soulmate Reading

A Soulmate Reading can help you know what your partner is really thinking, or if you’re still waiting for the one person who was born to be with you – you can find out if there are any blockages holding you back. It can help you clear away all negative residue from past relationships so you will be ready for your soulmate when the time is right.

Wheel of Life Reading

The Wheel of Life Reading is a more comprehensive look at all the areas of your life and gives you more in depth information regarding family relationships, your love life, career, health and more. With this reading you will learn why certain issues and situations in your life are challenging and how to fix it

Tarot Card Reading

A Tarot Card Reading gives you insight into what is happening presently in your life and why. It looks ahead in your future about a year and a half and is a valuable tool to prepare for major life changes, as well as providing you information about upcoming events.

Palm Reading

A Palm Reading will show you what is going on in your life in the present and help you understand the patterns in your relationships. This reading will reveal the answers to your questions and help you get what you need to move forward in a positive way.



People around the world have practiced Chakra balancing for thousands of years, and millions of Americans currently enjoy its mindfull benefits. Chakra Balancing as an effective and indepth way of bringing you closer to your inner-self, restoring balance to body and mind. 

Call us today and learn how Clearing Chakras can bring the life you truly desire. 

Chakra Balancing Meditation Available