Thanks so much for your spiritual guidance. I feel so much happier and I’m no longer having suicidal thoughts. I feel so happy to be alive. I do believe God wants me to be happy and I can have anything I desire. I want to live a happy and healthy life. I remember you previously stating how you love to hear from your clients, and I’ve been consulting with you for about two or three years now, and now I have finally complied…lol. Thanks so much!! I look forward to working on myself.
R.O.  Irving TX

Good morning Kim,
I just really wanted to thank you for last night. You really made me think and understand and I’m really working on having more self respect because I lost myself for a really long time. I wrote down the things you said and I’m really going to work on them. I also wanted to let you know that you were right. Last night at midnight he texted me.

Jamie from Arlington TX

I received a reading from you a few months back and you were very accurate and have been on my mind to get another one since. You told me that I would be moving or preparing to move and my landlord told me soon after that she may be selling my home. You told me that I would be making changes at work that may bring more money and I got a raise. So thank you for that information!

Jahvia from Denton TX

Just had another session with Kim. Once again she was spot on with her predictions and continues to amaze me with her insight. She even brought up my recent purchase of a firearm that even my wife didn’t know about. What she charges for her sessions is very reasonable for the vision she provides. I plan to follow the path forward she predicted for me and look forward to our next session. She’s awesome.

Joe D from Dallas TX

Kim, The reading I had with you was really good, and helpful.

​Krystal from Carrollton TX

I still am in shock that everything you said would happen is happening right now just like you said it would. You always give me some power to survive this time of my life. I cannot say thank you enough.

Veronica from G.P. TX


Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of my mother,  last night. It was so great to hear she had such a good evening with you.

Freddie, Forth Worth TX

Kim , In our April 2017 reading I had with you in person, you kept on talking about watching out for my sister-in-law, and watching out for guns. You kept talking about guns. You kept on warning me about guns. You were warning me about danger. You and I were talking about synchronicity. I am contacting you to tell you that husband killed himself with a gun 11 days ago.

Anonymous, Bedford TX

Hi Kim,

Just wanted to keep you updated…..

Things have gone from great to GREATER! I can’t even express how nice it is to be happy again.

I finally asked Jay to take a 4 day vacation to Bay Harbor in June with me, and he said YES!!!! Kim, you have been 150% right from the very start, and you continue to be 150% correct. I’m so excited! He’s also trying to figure out a weekend that’s open so we both can spend a weekend up at his lakehouse! Finally – happiness! Things just keep getting better and better! Thank you so much!

Before the trip/vacation, I want to meet with you. My schedule has been wild and it’s hard to find time, but definitely before the trip I want to meet with you.

You’ve filled me with confidence, and the results show!

I can’t say THANK YOU enough!!!

Love you, Kim!!!!!!

Betty Plano TX

i know you are accurate as hell, and thats why i trust what you say. This is Ron I will be requesting a reading from you very soon i have your number. your past reading were amazing.

Ron from Dallas TX

Hi Kim!

I was just thinking of you and wanted to send a big thank you for your reading a couple of weeks ago. I was in such a mental tail spin (which I tend to do) and since the reading, I have been more clear and calm.

I’m grateful to have found you and look forward to a long term spiritual relationship on this journey!

With gratitude, Jim, Duncanville TX


Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. You don’t understand how many questions you answered for me and how much you put my heart at ease.