spiritual relationships

What is a spiritual relationship?

Discerning whether or not your boyfriend loves you is a tricky thing, mainly because love is an abstract concept and there are typically many definitions of what love means to us.


There is unconditional love, platonic love, romantic love and so much more. Understanding whether not your boyfriend loves you starts with how he makes you feel. Sometimes, we can love people but we don’t necessarily know what it means to love ourselves.  When we think about our spiritual relationship with love we have forgotten that love is not just something you develop but also feel. Sometimes, we can make mistakes in love and this causes us to hurt, to feel damaged and broken.


However, if you’re loving this is what the spiritual relationship should look like:  

The spiritual relationship

The spiritual relationship can give space for others to grow

The spiritual relationship does not seek to cling

The spiritual relationship love through infinity, time and space

The spiritual relationship is always grateful, always happy for others successes

The spiritual relationship is two children who grow up side by side

The spiritual relationship does not expect or complain

The spiritual relationship can cause deep pain and suffering

The spiritual relationship is a mirror of our darkness

The spiritual relationship seeks to heal

The spiritual relationship will challenge you and make you grow

We cannot identify with others until we have identified wholly with ourselves. The soul knows no bounds to the infinity of the nature of our own internal beauty. Love is intelligent and aware; it knows you better than you can seek to know yourself.

The Path to Love – Deepak Chopra

Proving loves existence is as simple as believing in the power of grace. Unifying our spirit with love will bring joy and peace beyond our wildest dreams. Giving up on our personal sagas and relinquishing fear for the potential of love is what everyone deserves.

Love is meant to heal

Love is meant to renew

Love is meant to make us safe

Love is meant to inspire us with its power

Love is meant to make us certain, without doubt

Love is meant to oust all fear

Love is meant to unveil immortality

Love is meant to bring peace

Love is meant to harmonize differences

Love is meant to bring us closer to God


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