heal your inner goddess

Healing the Goddess Within

How to Heal Your Inner Goddess


How to Heal Your Inner Goddess

Sometimes, the universe puts challenges in our way so we can learn how to heal ourselves. These challenges can make use feel so tired, sad and depressed that we don’t always know what to do. That is why connecting with our inner-femininity is an important part to healing and finding guidance.

How to heal your inner goddess:

1. Take Space

Make space and set boundaries for yourself to heal. So many times, the agreeable nature of a woman is always seeking to please other so that we can make everyone else happy. However, if we’re not making ourselves happy, we’re not establishing dominant and secure peace within ourselves. Be like the great mother, Hera, and learn to set boundaries and replenish your soul through your own standards.

2. Have Pleasure

Give yourself the gift of pleasure whether that be sensual pleasure or the pleasure of self-care. Take time for yourself and focus on enjoying the things that you truly love. If you have a list of things that you love to do without friends or an intimate partner, relish in creating more time to accomplish your goals or just sit a be present.

3. Create Abundance

Go deep into your spiritual practice and create abundance for your life. Start by seeing a psychic healer or getting a chakra balancing meditation, this will help with removing blockages and creating more abundance in your life.

4. Heal Yourself

When it comes to healing your inner goddess, sometimes that means going deep and looking at our wounds head-on with courage. Uptown Psychic can help guide you while you’re making these difficult and empowering changes in your life.  Take the time to do the following:

  • practice gratitude
  • staring eye meditation with yourself
  • write in your journal all your feelings
  • list out the perfect qualities in your next partner
  • soothe yourself with compassion
  • dance to your favorite music
  • draw or doodle something special
  • meditate

Heal your inner goddess with chakra balancing

Heal your inner goddess with our chakra balancing meditation today! Discover how to enhance and rejuvenate your life. 

chakra balancing meditation

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