I Tried a Chakra Meditation Bed

We asked our very own client Samantha Born what it was like to try our amazing Chakra Meditation Bed and Energetic Healing. This is what she had to say. 

This is What Happened When

I Tried a Chakra Bed

There are a lot of questions about chakra bed light therapy, like how does a crystal heal you, what is energetic healing and what are your chakras? Well, you can only hear from experts for so long. This is why we've put together a little tutorial from a client herself on her experience trying crystal light therapy.

Chakra Bed
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What did chakra balancing feel like?

Chakra balancing felt really good. I wanted to go in and see if it would actually cure my anxiety. I have been having really bad anxiety since a traumatic car accident around 5 years ago, and I was kind of looking for something that would help with the fear I had surrounding moving objects. 

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is a form of energetic healing that allows crystals to realign the seven areas of your chakra. The crystal therapy was around $400 a session and increases my ability to feel safe within my body. For people who have extreme anxiety, this crystal therapy is a really interesting cure to helping individuals stay relaxed and feel different sensations within their bodies that they’re not used to experiencing. Practicing sitting through discomforting sensations really helped me when I was driving a car. 

Energetic Healing Services

Did Chakra Balancing


I felt a lot of anxiety lift whenever I was using the bed. The sessions are about an hour long and typically you will fall into a trance or a deep sleep. The psychic healer will work with you on your comfort level and you will feel a deep sense of relaxation, peace and oneness with the world. After the session, you might feel like a disoriented or light due to the relaxation your body feels. In about a weeks time, you'll notice tension and anxiety lessen with ease in your daily activities.

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